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Introduction of JITLS

Founder of JITLS

Mr. Koay Kheng Lock is the owner of the Jit Laiseng Discus Farm, which was established in 1990 Occupying 15,000 sq ft. of land area, his farm has more than 200 tanks with 7,500 gallons of water. The sizes of the breeding tanks are 1.8 feet and the rearing tank varies from 4 to 5 feet. In 1994, Mr. Koay Kheng Lock was crowned as the " King of Snake Skin " in Penang. Most of his fishes are exported to Japan, Korea, Singapore, USA and Europe. The Operation of this farm includes water changes once or twice daily, (up to 90% of the water). The farm has installed an automatic water recycling and filtering systems that save a lot of manpower and time. The water pH level is maintained 6.8; the food for the Discus Fishes are beef heart, bloodworms and tubifex worm.

Mr. Koay Kheng Lock is one of the Judges in The Penang Discus Competition 1992.

Featured in Japan Magazine

Introducing Penang's representative breeder

Penang has 30 years history of discus breeding tradition, the number of discus farms exceed 200 households, veteran breeders whom are discus masters undergo harsh competitions, producing a lot of healthy strains. Recently, by bringing in New strains from around the world, he has develop new strains successively.

Koay Kheng Lock

22 years old, born in Penang Malaysia. A young and potential breeder with 4 years of discus experience who continuously develop new discus strains.

Featured in Malaysia Discus 2001 Magazine

Mr. Koay has went on a Hiatus on Breeding Discus for some years as he started breeding Stingrays such as Super White, Black Diamond, Thousand Island, Albino and many more. Now he's back to the Discus Community and breeding a variety strains of High Quality Discus than before! You may view them on our Website's Media Gallery for more information on JITLS Discus Quality.

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